Ms. Emily Murphy

Mrs. Murphy's Class

I am looking forward to a fun-filled year of learning!

This week we are:
*Exploring the ways that trees change during the different seasons
*Learning about things that are made of wood
*Identifying shapes
*Identifying letters in our names
*Writing the letters in our name

Books we are reading:
Why Do Leaves Change Colors?
Growing Trees
Pablo's Tree
Trees, Trees, Trees
A Tree for All Seasons

-Please send your child with appropriate outdoor gear. (Hat, mittens/gloves, winter coat) The temperatures are changing and we will continue to go outside twice a day.

-Be sure to check your child's folder daily

-Send a sheet and blanket every Monday

Important dates:
Nov. 28- Food Pantry 4-6 PM
Nov. 30- Tree Study Celebration at 10:15

Be sure to check the Bloomz app for updates, reminders, and pictures!