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Concert Dates for 2017 - 2018

First Grade Musical

Wed. Jan. 31st at 10:00 is Team B
(Metzger, Piskun, Graff, Witherspoon and Black

Thurs. Feb. 1st at 10:00 is Team C
(Graham, Castellano, Inferrera, Miller, Mischlich and Bahgat)

Fri. Feb. 2nd at 10:00 is Team A
(Gildiner, McGlynn, Marco and Mack)

Kindergarten Musical

Wed. April 25th at 10:00 is Team B
(McEvoy, Kyle, Carmody and Pierson)

Thurs. April 26th at 10:00 is Team A
(Piergross, Osendowski, Andrus, Bosch, Bellina and Fisher)

Fri. April 27th at 10:00 is Team C
(Bowdler, Rosen, Steelman, Burnetta and Akerlind)

Look for more information to come home with your child as the date gets closer to the performance.

We learn these concepts in kindergarten and first grade music:
RHYTHM - steady beat, duration, rhythm patterns.  First grade will also read, write and play quarter notes, quarter rests, eighth note pairs, half notes and whole notes.
MELODY - direction, phrases and melody patterns
FORM - AB (verse and refrain), ABA
TONE COLOR - singing/speaking, solo/chorus, man/woman/child, instrument families
EXPRESSIVE ELEMENTS - tempo, dynamics, style

We use these activities:
Listening, singing, playing, moving, reading, writing, dramatizing, art and performing

Music Room Schedule:
Monday - Metzger, Graham, Gildiner, McEvoy, Piergross/Osendowski, Bowdler
Tuesday - Piskun, Castellano, McGlynn, Andrus, Rosen
Weds. - Graff, Inferrera/Miller, Kyle, Bosch, Steelman
Thurs. - Witherspoon, Mischlich/Miller, Marco, Carmody, Bellina, Burnetta
Friday - Black, Bahgat, Mack, Pierson, Fisher/Osendowski, Akerlind

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