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Mrs. Deborah L. Donio, OG-T, CDT 
Kindergarten and First Grade 
LRC Teacher

English Language Arts and Mathematics

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My name is Debbie Donio and I am your child’s Learning Resource Center teacher for English Language Arts and Mathematics. Let me tell you about myself. I am a certified Special Education Teacher and Elementary Education Teacher in the State of New Jersey.  In addition, I am an Orton Gillingham trained teacher and a Certified Dyslexia Therapist. I have been working in the Hamilton Township School District for 17 years.  My primary placement has been in the Learning Resource Center at the Shaner school.  Although, I have also had the opportunity to be an In-Class Support Teacher in both Kindergarten and First Grade. 

I would like to explain the routine of my day with your child.  Students are picked up from their homeroom daily, we walk together in the hallway to my LRC classroom and then returned to their homeroom again at the end of the period.   

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All of the classes that I teach begin with some sort of kinesthetic activity. This helps prepare students for learning. Once our warm-up is complete, we begin the day with Word Work. This is the time we will learn phonics and grammar by using the Fundations program. Next, it is time for Reader’s Workshop. We will begin with a short story read aloud, mini lesson, and discuss our focus of the day. Then, students are given time to do some independent reading and partner reading time to apply what was learned. To complete Reader’s Workshop, students will have the opportunity to share what we have learned together on the carpet. Next, is Writer’s Workshop. Students start on the carpet for a writing mini lesson, shared writing, and discussion. Then, students will go off and do some independent writing. To complete Writer’s Workshop, students will have the opportunity to share what we have learned together on the carpet and end with a story.

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Math Workshop follows the same routine as Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop. We start with a mini lesson and discuss the focus of the day. We practice some examples together and then students have time to work independently.


At the beginning of each year, I supply students with the materials that are required for class.  Students are assigned two folders (a math folder and reading log folder), a composition book for math, book baggy, and supply box. The materials in the supply box are: pencils, colored pencils, crayons, eraser, and dry erase maker. Later in the school year I may need to send a note home asking for supplies to replenishing your child’s supply box.

We always appreciate a box of tissues for the class.

Book Baggy

The book baggies are provided by the Hamilton Township Special Education Department. We reuse these baggies each year and we ask for your help to take care of these book baggies. The book baggies hold your child’s books to practice reading at night. There is a reading log and two word rings in the book baggie.  The suggested homework consists of reading 10 to 15 minutes each night.  A reading log is provided to record the minutes your child reads at home. Incentives will be given in class for reading at home each night.  The word rings consist of the high frequency words that your child knows and the high frequency words he or she should practice at home. Students must bring their book baggy with their books, reading log, and word rings to school every day.  

Daily Report Sheet

To communicate the assigned homework and type of day your child had in class, I am using a Daily Report Sheet this school year. There is a place for me to write homework and comments for both ELA and Mathematics. Please remember to look at your child’s daily report sheet and sign it each night. This paper should remain in your child’s folder all week, I will replace it at the start of each week.  

Classroom Rules

The classroom rules are aligned with your child’s homeroom classes. They are:

Rule #1-       Follow Directions Quickly

Rule #2       Raise Your Hand for Permission to Speak

Rule #3        Raise Your Hand for Permission to Leave Your Seat

Rule #4       Make Smart Choices

(Our Smart Choices are: Eyes on the speaker, Ears listening, Hands and feet still, Sit in a good sitting position and Use kind words)

Rule #5       Keep Your Dear Teacher Happy

We discuss these rules together on a daily basis. To monitor and reinforce each student’s compliance with the classroom rules, I use small shark tickets. At the end of the day, students will have the opportunity to exchange 5 smaller shark tickets earned for the larger school wide Shark Tickets. All of the Shark Tickets earned will go in their pocket in our classroom shark tank. On Friday, everyone’s Shark Tickets go in our Classroom Shark Tank for a prize drawing. 

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I would like to ask for your help with two items.  The first item is reinforcing our classroom rules at home.  Reviewing our classroom rules at home will help your child remember the classroom expectations and earn more rewards in class. The second item is reading each night. I like to suggest reading with your child at least 15 minutes each night and review the word ring words in your child’s book baggy.  The extra practice at home will give your child the opportunity to see familiar words multiple times in print so they can recognize words quicker in different contexts. Reading every night will greatly improve your child’s reading abilities.

Please know that I am always available to you.  Should you have any questions or concerns, I can be reached at 609-625-6600 ext. 3037,, or by writing a note on your child’s Daily Report Sheet. 

I look forward to spending a great school year with your child.

Mrs. Donio

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