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Mrs. Pamela Pierson

Welcome to Kindergarten!

This is my 12th year at the Shaner School. 
Let's work together to provide the best education possible for your child!

Reader's Workshop:
We are learning to be reading teachers.  We will use all our strategies to read our books.  We will do lots of partner work so we can ask and answer questions to help retell our books. 


Writer's Workshop:
We are working on writing “How To” books.  Please practice talking, drawing, and writing the steps of how to do something.  Be sure to use the words: first, next, and last.


Wilson Fundations:
We will finish our lowercase letters then move onto capital letters and CVC words. We will learn to “tap out” letter sounds and blend them together.


We will finish our addition chapter then begin subtraction and working with numbers 11-19.

Social Studies & Science:
We will be studying Martin Luther King, Basic Needs, Plants, and animals.


Related Arts Schedule:
Monday- Library
Tuesday- Art
Wednesday- Gym (wear sneakers)
Thursday- Technology
Friday- Music

Contact Information
Phone: 625-6600 ext: 3023