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Welcome to Kindergarten!

This is my 15th year at the Shaner School. 
Let's work together to provide the best education possible for your child!

Please copy and paste the link to see the schedule to pick up personal belongings.

1. Sign in your child daily by following the attendance link or call 609-476-6298.

2. Complete the weekly plans by following the current and past lesson plan link.

3. Take a picture then email or send a Dojo message of completed work daily. 
Please follow the link to view the grading rubric.

HTSD Family Hotline 609-476-6138
Please call if you need assistance!

Ms. Leonelli's Newsletter and Project

Thank you!

Related Arts Schedule:
Day 1- Technology
Day 2- Library
Day 3- Gym
Day 4- Art
Day 5- Music

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